You and up to three friends will be rewarded with a bottle of the World’s Best Moonshine if you are the first to find our 2nd  Moonshine Hideout location. Every week, we will provide a new clue to a hideout location. There will be several hideouts in the coming weeks, so you have more than one opportunity to win! To participate, get your clues, and submit your guesses through this online form.

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Previous Winners of the Hideout Challenge



1st Moonshine Hideout Challenge – Greenville, SC

Melissa and Johnny Gilstrap were the first to guess our first Greenville, SC hideout location: Poinsett Bridge Here are the clues from our first Moonshine Hideout Challenge:

  • Clue One 2/13 – Our hideout was designed by a famous architect from Charleston in the 1800’s.
  • Clue Two 2/20 – Our hideout was named after a famous American physician and diplomat from South Carolina in the 1800’s.

2nd Moonshine Hideout Challenge – Greenville, SC

Chris Thackston and Trish Bridwell were the first to guess our second Greenville, SC hideout location: Snow’s Island. Here are the clues from our second Moonshine Hideout Challenge:

  • Clue One 3/25 – Our hideout has helped hide more than just whiskey for several centuries.
  • Clue Two 4/1 – Our hideout served as a Patriot headquarters site during the Revolutionary War.
  • Clue Three 4/9 – Our hideout location was used by the “Swamp Fox” to hide from British Soldiers.



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When submitting your guess for the hideout location it must be named, specific, and unambiguous (e.g. Camp Buckhorn), not general descriptions such as “downtown” or “in the woods”. You can submit one guess per week. Multiple submissions will be disqualified.

Must be 21 or over to participate, purchase, or consume alcohol. SC – Section 63-19-2440

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